"That woman has such an amazing set of pipes.
I think half the audience was scared and the other half fell in love."

-Mina Murray on The Teaseday Club, Oh, The Glamorous Life!

"Stand-outs in the cast include Emily Hecht as an enthusiastic Ghost of Christmas Present. She celebrates hope and charity with the same intensity she uses to condemn Scrooge’s selfishness. Her Ghost is charming and pleased with herself but never over-the-top."

- Gillian Daniels on A Christmas CarolNew England Theatre Geek

“From her first entrance, Emily Hecht’s R.C. was a power-house performer.”

- Brian Balduzzi on Bug, My Theatre


"Hecht has a strong voice and personality that makes her a formidable opponent against anyone.  Her strong mezzo voice and comedic timing help the audience feel safe on this wild, side-splitting ride."

-Becca Kidwell on T: An MBTA Musical, New England Theatre Geek

“Hecht is the show’s strongest singer, and gets to stretch her pipes in some of the show’s more torch song-y moments.”

-Jenna Scherer on T: An MBTA Musical, Boston Herald